Badger's fat, 250 ml, Concern Uralvitaminy


Badger Oil  is widely used in many countries as a natural highly-effective dietary supplement.

It has a favourable effect blood, providing it with necessary elements, organic acids and vitamins.

Badger Oil is a highly effective nutrient. The use of Badger Oil boosts metabolism and improves

immune system. Badger Oil has anti-bacterial effect on Tuberculosis Bacillus.

It normalizes functioning of gastrointestinal tract, optimizes emotional state. The use of badger Oil

helps to reduce purulent processes, heal ulcers. This Nutrient may also help you if you suffer from

the following conditions: tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, general exhaustion of organism, some types

of asthma and atherosclerosis, stomach and bowels ulcers. Badger Oil due to its high bio-active effect

is an excellent support for men's health!

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Badger's fat, 250 ml, Concern Uralvitaminy

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