Bladder Control Tea for women120g  by Bell
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Bladder Control Tea for women120g (Bell)

  Bell Bladder Control Tea for Women Product Information

Most women have relief within days from incontinence, frequency, urgency and pain. Stop needless suffering and embarrassments. Go shopping & traveling with confidence. Must help or money refunded. True evidence with full names and towns. A Hamilton newspaper article quoted two university professors saying that 65% of all women past child-bearing age, estimated at 35 million women, suffer with incontinence and have to wear padding. Surgery was offered as an option.

It’s true Within days virtually all women can have relief from an Over Active Bladder & Kidney Infections and Incontinence. Stop needless suffering and embarrassments. We are the only company that shows the evidence, see below true the statements from real women.

General advice is given to women that women have to “live” with their problem.

Nonsense! Most can overcome it in days. Some take a few weeks. Read what they wrote.

Vesma Zigurs, 81, Colorado Springs, CO wrote:

A local newspaper ad said the Medicine Shoppe has your Bladder Control Tea that would stop the leaking problem, a tea? I couldn’t believe it. It worked. After one week…..Read her complete statement below. Most have suffered for years, some 20 and 30 years without getting relief.

You’re not alone!

Two Hamilton University professors stated publicly that an amazing 65% of all women everywhere past child-bearing age of 40 have over active bladders and/or are incontinent. They offered surgery as an alternative. Surgery may not work. If you are considering surgery, try this tea first. Most have relief without going through the torment of surgery.

When you use Bell Bladder Control Tea for Women you don’t have to try to “manage” your over active bladder anymore. You can stop all running to the bathroom and wet embarrassments within days – some say they noticed a difference the first day.

UTI bladder infections?

This tea will also in most cases quickly alleviate bladder infections (burning sensation when you urinate).

No more padding or diapers needed!

You can plan your shopping trips without looking for a toilet everywhere. You can travel again like all normal women.

Was your life on hold?

With fewer social activities, stress, frustration, anxiety, frequent sleep interruptions, skin rashes, endless inconveniences. Over 100 women on this web site will tell you that they overcame all their problems.

If your love life was suffering, because you were insecure and embarrassed about your leaking bladder, regain your confidence and the joy of intimacy.

If the tea is so effective how come your doctor did not recommend the tea?

Medical schools do not teach anything about natural health products or nutrition. Dr. Andrew Weil M.D. - and many other doctors - stated publicly on TV and in print that they had only 30 minutes of instructions in medical school about nutrition. This is why you can read on internet “the recommended first-line treatment is a course of antibiotics”. Antibiotics kill all bacteria in your body – the good ones as well – and many women get promptly a yeast infection after antibiotic treatments. On the internet you can read that common side effects for drugs are dry mouth, constipation, blurred vision, faster heartbeat, flushing, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, insomnia and others that are difficult to live with. Our herbal tea has none of these side effects.

You have to drink fluids every day, so you might as well drink a tea that will in most cases eliminate a very frustrating health problem. 

Kegel exercises may help. However, some testimonials say that they tried that for years with no real noticeable improvement. We give more information about Kegel exercises inside the box. The only noticeable benefit can be that your stronger pelvic muscles will improve your sex life.

It’s a fact for many chronic ailments natural health products – like this tea – can be much more effective without the side effect synthetic drugs may have.

• All natural ingredients

• Pleasing aroma

• No caffeine

• Bulk packed with instructions

INGREDIENTS: Cranberry, golden rod, marshmallow root, nettle, parsley, rosehips, uva ursi, willow herb, natural citrus flavors.

USAGE: 1 cup per day


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Bladder Control Tea for women120g by Bell

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