ELICINA cream 1.3 oz Jar
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The Genuine ELICINA 1.3 oz Jar

  ELICINA cream 

Premium Organic Cosmetic Based on Snail Extracts and Snail Serums (Baba de Caracol)


Beautifies Your Skin's Appearance 

Scars (Kuloid Hypertrophic) 

Fine Lines & Wrinkles 


Stretch Marks 


Rosacea Lesions 

Pigmentary Scars 

Ingrown Nails 


Dry and Brittle Nails 



Acne Scars

Burns And Burn Scars 

Minor Cuts 

Dry and Cracked Skin

Razor Burn 



Age Spots (Sun Spots)


This natural skin substance is gathered from the secretions left on his paths by the Chilean snail Helix Aspersa Müller. The very same this snail uses to quickly regenerate his own shell and skin when damaged. After years of proven effects, scientific validation and the invention of a patented process to make it into a topical cream, now we present it to the world as a natures gift.

Elicina - Premium Organic Cosmetic Based on Snail Extracts and Snail Serums

Elicina was the first mass marketed Snail Extract cream to hit the market, and showed the world the wonders of Helix Aspersa Muller Snail secretion as a cosmetic application. 

Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement! Very recently, these outstanding new products have come to the market, all with formulas based on Helix Aspersa Muller Snail secretion

The main difference with Elicina is that the new formulas use Snail Serum instead of Snail Extract, as Elicina does.

Elicina, the unsurpassed beauty skin cream, offered at the lowest price in the USA. 

Elicina is the natural wonder, discovered entirely by accident, that will fade all your bothersome skin imperfections: sun and age spots, unbecoming freckles, expression lines and wrinkles, scars (even ugly, raised, keloid scars), acne marks, rosacea, stretch marks. The result? An incredible, porcelain complexion! 

What is Elicina's secret? It lies on its patented snail serum component: snails have wandered planet Earth for over six hundred million years. During the "Ancient Greek Period", people like Hippocrates, Zezzos, Pliny among others, used the snail for medical purposes. They healed whooping cough and gastric ulcers among other things. They were even the symbol of the drug stores. 

In 1980 the Bascunan family from Chile bred snails for export to the French food market. The snail handlers noticed how quickly minor cuts healed without infection or scarring as well as the unusual softness of their hands. 

That could not be a coincidence: they realized a rigorous scientific study of the Chilean snail 'Helix Aspersa Muller' secretion and confirmed that it contained an extraordinary combination of natural substances that have proven beneficial healing properties for the human skin. The physical and chemical analysis carried out on my extract proved that its contents appear in natural form, and includes the following elements: 

1. Natural Allantoin: Not like other dermatological products which obtain allantoin synthetically by laboratory means. Allantoin is what makes the regeneration of your skin possible: scars and stretch marks disappear; wounds heal quickly, leaving no marks. 

2. Proteins & Vitamins: Resulting in richness and softness of your skin. 

3. Natural Collagen & Elastin: The main components of the human skin connective tissue. 

4. Natural Glycolic Acid: This is what makes possible the skin exfoliation or peeling, eliminating dead cells that are on the surface of your skin, along with wrinkles and expression lines. Since the Glycolic Acid found on Elicina is not synthetic, it does not irritate your skin . 

It took fifteen years to develop the snail secretion into a cosmetic repair cream and Elicina was patented by the World Organization of Patents in Geneva. Elicina contains an outstanding 80% snail extract content, with only 20% excipients (additional ingredients), necessary to produce a stable cream that will not degrade with temperature or light changes. 

Elicina was launched on to the South American cosmetic market in 1995. Customer reception to Elicina cream was unprecedented. Even with very little publicity efforts, Elicina's popularity grew by leaps and bounds, based solely on the results users achieved. 

Today, thousands of snails are carefully nursed and maintained in conditions close to their natural environment and no snails are harmed in the collection of their secretion. 


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ELICINA cream 1.3 oz Jar

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