• Stress Management as Nature Intended
  • Absorbs 15 Times More | 4 Times Faster
  • Convenient. Just Add to Water, or Directly Under the Tongue
  • Herbal Supplement

Key Benefits:

  • Balanced Energy
  • Mental Clarity

Have a Ginst 15 Experience

  • Balance
  • Mental Clarity
  • Smooth Energy
  • Relaxed Alertness

Ginst 15 assists the body to achieve homeostatic balance managing how the organs respond to stress. This supports the body's ability to manage and resist stress, trauma, fatigue and illness. It has a remarkable capacity to restore the body's natural balance.

Discovery of IH901

Ginst 15 was created after IIhwa scientists found that the unique active ginsenosides in ginseng are not metabolized until they reach the colon. Therefore many people receive only limited benefit from ginseng. IIhwa discovered the natural end stage ginseng metabolite and called it IH901. From this discovery Ginst 15 was created.

Experience The Benefits Today!

  • Smooth Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • Focus

There is Nothing Quite Like It!

Suggested Use

Take 12 drops per serving. Drops can be added to water or other liquid. For faster absorption, take under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds and then swallow with water. Best taken in the AM and/or before bed, preferably on an empty stomach. Take additional servings as needed.

Other Ingredients

Organic vegetable glycerin, purified water

Vegan, non GMO, and no preservatives GS15-4 enzyme fermented whole root ginseng extract, unpeeled, no stems or leaves used. Patented


If you are taking any medications consult your doctor before use.

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Ilhwa, Ginst 15 Elixir, Metabolized Ginseng, 1 fl. oz.(30 ml)

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