MITOQ 5mg 60 caps.
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A breakthrough for organ support MitoQ's patented technology delivers powerful antioxidant support to mitochondria, the power source of your cells, restoring their vitality so they can fight the symptoms of aging and support organ health.

 Why MitoQ Supplements?

New advanced and patented CoQ antioxidant technology

Targets mitochondria, the cellular power plant

Improves energy levels

Supports optimal organ health

 Slows free radical damage associated with Aging Over a decade of research


What the research says ....

MitoQ is an exciting advance in CoQ antioxidant technology that has been extensively researched over the last decade. Research has focused on its beneficial effects for people with poor mitochondrial function, including brain, liver and heart disease, and diabetes. The results show that by delivering targeted support to mitochondria, the powerful organelles found in every cell in your body, MitoQ has a positive impact on specific health conditions and overall health. MitoQ is also considered to have significant potential as an anti-aging compound because it reduces gradual free radical damage to cellular machinery, cell walls and DNA, slowing the aging process.

While MitoQ offers benefits for everyone, for optimal health and longevity it should be part of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Why MitoQ?

Because you age at the cellular level… Your cells know how to look after you, they just need a bit of help. Every cell in your body is powered by small organelles called mitochondria. They take glucose from the food you eat and oxygen from the air you breathe and convert them into the energy your cells need to keep your organs functioning. Mitochondria also co-ordinate cell communication, cell death, cell growth and cell differentiation, and use antioxidants to fight the effects of free radical damage and oxidation. At the cellular level, mitochondria call the shots, so you need to keep them healthy. Because aging starts at twenty… As you age your mitochondria do too. From the age of twenty, antioxidant supplies decline, meaning mitochondria can’t fight off free radicals as well as they used to and oxidation sneaks in. You notice it in your skin first, but it’s happening in your other organs too. As oxidative stress damages the cells in your skin and other organs you might start to look and feel older. Until now, the best way to support mitochondria was to take CoQ supplements. But while CoQ supplements do help, they have been unable to deliver CoQ to the mitochondria at levels that make a real difference. Because MitoQ can help... MitoQ is a Mitochondrial Targeted Antioxidant that delivers antioxidant CoQ directly to your mitochondria, supporting their natural function and restoring their health. This means they can get on with their job, eliminating free radicals, preventing oxidation, and keeping your skin and organs healthy. And MitoQ does this 847 times more effectively than any other CoQ formulation on the market. Because when you recharge your cells, you recharge your life… The effect? Your cells start to act and look young again. MitoQ Serum supports your skin cells to achieve youthful levels of collagen and elastin. And when you take the MitoQ supplement, your brain, your heart, your liver – indeed, all of your organs - get the energy they need to do their jobs like they did when you were younger.

MitoQ's results are scientifically proven:

Healthier, younger-acting mitochondria with the power to repair damage at the cellular level.

MitoQ is an exciting advance in antioxidant technology that has been extensively researched over the last decade. MitoQ builds on many years of evidence that confirm that CoQ10 supplementation benefits a range of conditions associated with oxidative stress.

MitoQ is simply CoQ that has had a positive charge added. This means it gets into our energy-giving mitochondria in levels greater than any other CoQ supplement. In fact, it delivers antioxidant support 847 times more effectively.

What does this mean for me?

MitoQ supports your mitochondria, your cellular power plant or batteries. It protects mitochondria from damage caused by the free radicals that they generate when they make energy to run your cells. When you protect and support your energy source each of your cells literally has more energy to do its job, whether it's in your heart as it pumps day in and day out, in your brain keeping your brain sharp, or in your liver taking the toxins out of your system.

But what does it really mean?

People that take MitoQ supplements report extra energy, less stress, support for sleep, increased endurance, increased libido and an overall feeling of good health. People that apply MitoQ to their skin experience a healthy, younger looking appearance with fewer fine lines, blemishes and age spots.

What can I expect?

We all have different levels of oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, so we will all experience a different effect. For some, the benefits of MitoQ supplements may include sharper thinking, for others they may mean a more settled stomach. Those people already in good health may feel nothing to begin with, but you will benefit over time as free radical levels decline and MitoQ reduces the gradual damage to your cells known as aging. People using MitoQ serum can expect healthier, more youthful skin with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and age spots.

MitoQHealth                                                                                                                                                                                                            MitoQ for Mitochondria Mitochondria are life-giving organelles found in every cell in our body. They provide energy to our cells so that they work in an optimal way, and they fight the oxidative stress caused by free radicals. When cells work optimally we experience good health. MitoQ for Health Mitochondria are found in the highest numbers in organ cells that consume the most energy, like our skin, heart, brain and liver. Mitochondrial function within these cells depends on the antioxidant support our bodies supply. From the age of twenty our antioxidant levels decline and mitochondrial function declines too. Over 200 conditions are now known to be associated with poor mitochondrial function, including brain, liver and heart disease, and diabetes. Even if you are in perfect health, this gradual loss of mitochondrial function means that as you age your cells don't get the energy they need, leading to sub-optimal function and gradual health decline. MitoQ is the first antioxidant supplement to reach mitochondria at levels that make a difference. When cellular energy generation is restored, cells are able to repair and resume youthful function. MitoQ can help when you are healthy MitoQ is suitable for healthy adults who want to slow the processes associated with aging, and stay well. MitoQ can help when you are not MitoQ is also suitable for adults with health conditions associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress imbalances and the oxidative stress associated with being overweight. MitoQ and You While MitoQ offers benefits for everyone, for optimal health and longevity it should be part of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.


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MITOQ 5mg 60 caps.

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