Shark Cartilage by Bell
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Shark Cartilage for joint relief 750 mg 100 caps(Bell)


Works in virtually all cases for 

1. Osteoarthritis (worn cartilage)

2. Rheumatoid arthritis (chronic progressive)

3. Sciatica (lower back pain, leg pain, heel pain)

4. Neck pain and back pain.

5. For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (wrist pain) more information see products


1. Osteoarthritis (worn cartilage)

Long Term Pain Relief with Bell Shark Cartilage

Pain Free in 2 weeks 

After suffering for years, this is exactly what happened to me. I spent $2,000 on pills, creams, acupuncture, magnetic devices and physiotherapy. No relief until I took shark cartilage capsules for 2 weeks and all pain was gone. Following this experience I started to promote Bell Shark Cartilage and helped tens of thousands of men and women.Nick A. Jerch President of Bell Lifestyle Products Inc. 

What makes Bell Shark Cartilage Work? Bell Shark Cartilage is processed differently without chemical deodorizing processes to preserve the natural active ingredients. There are no additives or filler in Bell Shark Cartilage. Many consumers wrote on our website that other brands they tried did not work. 

The only natural medicine on the market with a Money-Back Guarantee: It works in 98% of all cases. A 10 year success story with tens of thousands of men and women that have less pain or no pain at all. No side effects. Customers write: works much better than glucosamine with or without additives. They say the difference is like day and night. Ask yourself why are other arthritis remedies or drugs not guaranteed? Because none of them work well enough to be guaranteed. 

50 Million Men and Women are suffering day and night with arthritis pain in North America. 

Know the truth! 

The Lancet Medical Journal writes: Arthritis pain killer medicine (NSAIDs and other drugs) contribute to joint cartilage destruction, as well as heart attacks, strokes and intestinal bleeding. Dr. Julian Whitaker M.D. states they cause 20,000 deaths each year and 120,000 men and women are hospitalized in North America. The New England Journal of Medicine reports high numbers of arthritis drug-induced kidney and liver failures. Isn’t it time to try a natural product that has none of the above very serious side effects? It works in 98% of all cases and has a Money-Back-Guarantee! Printed on every box. 

Millions of men and women with knee, hip, and hand arthritis could be helped quickly, inexpensively and with virtually no side effects with this natural product, if health professionals and stores selling health care products would give the right advice. 

More information

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

(Chronic, progressive autoimmune systemic disease affecting the whole body) 

Many people wrote us that Bell Shark Cartilage #1 helped them quickly with their RA. You will find some of their true testimonials on our website as well as in our catalog. If osteoarthritis is the longest lasting and most painful illness on earth, rheumatoid arthritis is still more dreadful as this form of arthritis can attack at any age all joints and tissues. Next to osteoarthritis it’s the most common disease. It causes an autoimmune response affecting the whole body, including fatigue, weakness, mild fever and anemia. The body develops an allergic response and attacks its own tissues, destroying the cartilage between the bones, affecting also the heart, lungs, nerves and eyes. What makes it so dreadful is that it attacks even young people. We have testimonials from people in their 20’s that had already joint replacements without stopping the progression of the illness. Only after they took our Bell Shark Cartilage they had relief. One young woman at 28 had already a number of surgeries and was scheduled for more surgeries. After she took 3 bottles of Bell Shark Cartilage she had no more RA symptoms. Another older women wrote she was on a walker and felt like killing herself to end the suffering. She had complete relief with Bell Shark Cartilage #1and started to enjoy life again. She even bought herself some exercise equipment. Synthetic drugs for rheumatoid arthritis may run to $10,000.00 a year (we have documented cases) and may not be as effective as Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and may as well have severe side effects that have to be treated additionally with different synthetic drugs. Bell Shark Cartilage #1 costs less than $100.00 and has virtually no side effects. You will find these testimonials on our website. Bell Shark Cartilage is a by-product of the restaurant industry. No sharks are caught to get the use of their cartilage. Cartilage is also obtained from between the beef bones. However, it is a lot less effective.

Click here for more information about Bell Shark Cartilage #1

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3. Sciatica

(lower back pain, leg pain, heel pain)

There is a lot of misinformation passed around about sciatica. As people get older the space between the segments of the backbones get narrower and consequently the nerves exiting the back bones are squeezed, which causes an inflammation and severe pain. It starts with the nerves in the lower back. From there the biggest nerve in the human body is squeezed between the backbones and hip bones (about 2” away from the backbone) which causes severe pain along the thigh, calf muscles, right down to nerves under your heel. Bell Shark Cartilage #1 works extremely well for sciatica. Gives usually relief within 2-3 weeks. After they are beginning to have relief, those who take 4-6 capsules for maintenance may have no more pain in most cases. However, as a person gets older the gap between the segments of the backbone is likely to decrease and therefore the pressure on the nerves may increase and daily maintenance may have to be increased. Heavy lifting quite naturally may increase pressure on the nerves between the backbones and may cause an inflammation attack. Indications are given how many capsules should be taken. We must keep in mind that people are not the same. Some people may only need 1-2 capsules a day for maintenance, most will likely need 4-6 and others may need 12 or more per day temporarily until the inflammation is down. Nobody can tell you exactly what is needed and this has to be established by trial. No severe side effects were ever reported with Bell Shark Cartilage #1 regardless how many capsules are taken per day. We have been selling Bell Shark Cartilage #1 for over ten years and had no complaints of severe side effects. This is a safe treatment that cannot be matched by drugs. Synthetic drugs may have severe side effects as everybody knows by now. They may cause internal bleeding, heart attacks, strokes and death. The casualties go into hundreds of thousands. One synthetic drug alone prescribed for arthritis killed about 50,000 men and women according to FDA released statistics. More casualties than in a war. The number of people living with an handicap after a heart attack or stroke and deaths caused by all synthetic drugs combined is staggering and can only be estimated. Bell Shark Cartilage #1 is a natural health product. It has none of these side effects, works quickly and costs less. Three bottles that are generally needed to get relief cost less than $100. Bell Shark Cartilage #1 is a by-product of the restaurant industry. There are no sharks caught to get the use of their cartilage. Cartilage is also obtained from between the beef bones. However, it is a lot less effective. 

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4. Neck and back pain

Bell Shark Cartilage #1 helps people with chronic stiff neck pain. My wife had a painful neck for years and fully expected that nothing would help her as she was told by her doctor other than taking synthetic drugs. She could not turn her head without turning her body. This was dangerous when driving not being able to watch out on either side. She could feel and hear the bones in the neck grinding on each other. Lifting her head to turn over in bed was very painful. After taking Bell Shark Cartilage #1 for two months the pain was mostly gone. A year later being on Bell Shark Cartilage #1, when I asked her how her neck is, she questioned why I would inquire about her neck. She never thought about her neck anymore. No more pain and no more grinding of bare bones on each other. Nick A. Jerch, President of Bell Lifestyle Products Inc..

The segments of the backbone are larger but otherwise they are the same as in the neck. If the back pain in caused by arthritis, a similar relief can be expected. For lower back pain see information about sciatica. Relief is guaranteed as printed on each box. The only arthritis natural health product with a printed money-back guarantee.




Back brace not needed anymore!

For the last 20 years I had back pain and neck pain. I could not turn my head while driving. After the second bottle of Bell Shark Cartilage #1 I started to have pain relief and did not need my back brace anymore. Prescription medication did not really help as well in all those 20 years.


John G. Sanderson, 84, Jacksonville, FL 

Had left knee replaced, other knee was painful too!

I had knee trouble for 17 years. Finally I had my left knee replaced. However, I still had pain in the left one and the right one as well. I started to take Bell Shark Cartilage #1 in July 2009 about 6 months ago and had no more pain in either knee after taking your product.


Ivan Paul, 65, Powassan, ON 

I fell off a ladder and damaged knee!

Two years ago I fell off a ladder at work. The surgeon removed some debris and said cartilage almost gone. After taking 6 bottles Bell Shark Cartilage #1 pain was almost gone. This was last year. I kept on taking a maintenance dose and now pain is gone completely.


Linda S. Rosencrantz, 55, Flint, MI 

Within a week dramatic arthritis pain relief!

I have suffered for 5 years a lot of arthritis pain. Bell Shark Cartilage #1 was a God send. Within a week after taking 1 bottle I had a dramatic decrease in pain and increase in mobility. (Editor’s note: Usually people need 2-3 bottles before they feel pain relief.)


Juliette Gilchrist, 51, Rosedale, NY 

I wouldn’t want to be without it again!

Last 2 years before using Bell Shark Cartilage #1 were very painful despite using drugs like Tylenol or Cortizone. I feel so good to be able to live again without the arthritis pain I had day and night.


Harriet Dieck, 82, Port Richey, FL 

I cried like a baby of joy that the arthritis pain had stopped!

I couldn’t walk anymore to my bed in my apartment without extreme pain. After taking the first 12 capsules on Tuesday, I could run again. I called my daughter in Las Vegas to tell her that I could run again and cried of joy like a baby. I already told 30 people I know. Most have this arthritis problem.


Abe Bokow, 84, San Diego, CA 

Cortizone shots and drugs didn’t help much!

I’ve suffered for 12 years with arthritis pain and tried Cortizone shots and many drugs. After the second bottle of Bell Shark Cartilage #1 I could feel that it started to work. I take it now every day and am experiencing increased joint movement and less pain.


Kendell Williams, 63, Whittier, CA 

I’m finally able to get out of bed and do things with my kids!

Last 3 years I was in terrible arthritis pain in my back and depressed because I could not look after my kids. I was on strongest pain killing drugs. The doctors wanted to probe me with an epidural needle up my spine. Being afraid they would screw it up worse I refused. After starting Bell Shark Cartilage #1 I could walk better and felt more clear headed. It’s nice not to look so bruised up looking from taking Ibprophen like somebody had beat me up. I’m so happy that somebody like you was able to help me without all the confusions and wrong diagnoses I had in the last years.


Pamula D. Baker, 43, Fayetteville, GA 

Great relief with prostate tea and Bell shark cartilage!

For the past 2 years I have been using the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea #4a and Bell Shark Cartilage #1. I feel real good and have no more pain. I will continue to use these two products for as long as I live.


Marc Jean, 55, Jaxonville, FL 

Can wear high heels again!

Four years ago I had my right knee replaced and was supposed to have my left knee done as well. But after taking Bell Shark Cartilage # 1 for 3 weeks I don’t have any problems anymore and I even can wear high heels.


Lorie Porter, 60, Broxton, GA 

4 Years symptom and pain free!

My wife Anne had for 12 years arthritis pain. She was prescribed drugs that had serious side effects. We talked to a knowledgeable person at “The Vitman Centre” who recommended Bell Shark Cartilage #1. Ever since she has no more symptoms and pain.


John Friesen, 79, Abbotsford, BC 

Bell Shark Cartilage changed my daily life!

I have had arthritis pain for 5 years and used other remedies and drugs. It helped but not much. I bought one bottle of Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and was astonished that this one bottle made so much difference. I’m able to work out 4 mornings in a week. Before that I could not work out at all. I’m also now walking 4-5 KM every day without pain. Originally I bought Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea #4a. This is a miracle tea. These products are amazing. (Editor’s note: Most people have to take more than one bottle until they get arthritis pain relief) 


Ahsan Qureshi, 63, Scarborough, ON 

I had to use a walker and a cane before!

Last 2 years I had arthritis pain badly enough to use a walker and cane to move around. None of the pain killers helped me. I saw your ad and bought 1 bottle Bell Shark Cartilage #1. In 3 days I could feel some relief. After reading directions I bought 2 more bottles. After the second bottle I’m almost pain free. After I finish the last bottle I’ll be able to do the Cupid Shuffle at our lodge with friends.


C. Jean Muehlendyck, 73, Brandon, FL 

15 years of arthritis pain alleviated!

Why did I have to suffer on doctor prescribed drugs for 15 years, that didn’t help, when there was much more effective relief available? After 2 weeks on your Bell Shark Cartilage #1 I had relief on both of my knees. I’m really happy with your product.


Ramon Maturino, 63, Deming, NM 

Arthritis pain came back after 2 months!

I had arthritis pain for 5 years and after taking Bell Shark Cartilage #1 it disappeared. I forgot all about it until I began having aches and pains in my joints again, mostly in my knees. I realized I had stopped taking it for a couple of months and started it again. I will take it again every day. I will never be without it.


Julie Burgess, 63, Kanas City, MO 

Rheumatologist told me to take strong drugs!

My rheumatologist knew nothing about shark cartilage and told me to stop taking Bell Shark Cartilage #1. He urged me to take strong medicine. I did and it caused bad side effects. Shark cartilage worked better and had no side effects. Thank you Bell. 


Richard Heimbach jr., 49, Beth;ehem, PA 

I am back on my bike rides!

For the last 10 years I tried many drugs and products and nothing worked as well as Bell Shark Cartilage #1 to relieve pain and stiffness of arthritis. My joints are more flexible and I’m able to ride my bike and do many activities I had avoided due to pain. I love your product it gives me my life back.


John G. Porter, 60, Hanover, PA 

Happy to be able to work again!

For about 2 years I had arthritis pain in my knees and back. After taking Bell Shark Cartilage #1 for 5 weeks I’m happy to be able to work again and make some money. Not being able to work was expensive and frustrating. Bell Shark Cartilage is a wonder remedy.


Nguyet Ta, 75, Plano, TX 

I suffered needlessly for 10 years with arthritis pain!

I have taken all kinds of pills in these 10 years and nothing really worked well. After taking 2 bottles of Bell Shark Cartilage #1 I noticed a new sense of well-being as if I had a shot of adrenaline. I will take 9 capsules a day for a while and enjoy my new life without pain. I would not want to be without it.


Gerald Ross, 78, Shreveport, LA 

I lived with arthritis pain for 15 years. No more suffering!

What an amazing change. I live now every day with less pain and more flexibility. I love my Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and would not want to be a day without it again. I am using also your Blood Sugar Imbalance #40. It helps me to keep my sugar level in a healthy range. 


Jean Nerger, 74, Pensacola, FL 

Degenerative disc disease for 11 years!

For about 11 years I have been suffering with degenerative disc disease. Pain is an everyday event. What has greatly helped was Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and Bell Shark Liver Oil #51. I can move when I get out of bed in the morning. You have great products. Works much better than the pharmaceutical meds.


Rev. Gerry R. Brown, 57, Conneaut Lake, PA 

X-ray results say my knee cartilage like normal healthy knees!

In 1985 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and my doctor told me then that there is no cure available other than knee replacement. So I was looking for an alternative. I tried glucosamine for many years and noticed that it would not really make much difference. Two years ago I found your Bell Shark Cartilage #1 information in the box of the Bell Prostate Ezee Flow Tea. The Bell shark cartilage worked as well as the prostate tea. My knees felt good and I’m not conscious of them during activities. After 2 years I had new x-rays taken and the result was that the cartilage in my knees “was consistent with the age of rather healthy knees”. 


Norman Ferris, 64, Winfield, BC 

Knee replacement and still aching and stiffness!

5 Years suffering arthritis pain resulted 2 years ago in left knee replacement. However, aching and stiffness in the left knee continued. Right knee was bad too, but I held back because left knee was aching. I was taking Advil, Aleve and all kinds of other drugs. This is why I tried Bell Shark Cartilage #1 which alleviated aching in left as well as right knee. I’m amazed how this has helped me.


Blake Thompson, 79, Jenks, OK 

Doctor wanted knee surgery on both knees!

I’ve suffered for 5 years with arthritis in both knees. My doctor told me that only knee replacement would help. I found out about Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and took it. Surgery not needed anymore.


Peter Lengvenas, 65, Thornton, CO 

Rheumatoid arthritis under control for 8 years!

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 13 years ago. All the medications I took did not help me. I was fortunate to find out about Bell Shark Cartilage #1 about 8 years ago. It gave me a very active life with hardly any pain. I told all my friends how it helped me.


Joyce Miller, 59, Sombra, ON 

Tree climber and tree trimmer benefited from Bell products!

What kept me going in my type of work is the Bell products. I’ve been taking for years Bell Shark Cartilage, Bell Shark Liver Oil and Stem Cell Activator. It kept arthritis and other ageing disorders at bay.


William P. Tinkham, 59, Bixby, OK 

Herniated disc causing major back pain!

For last 5 years arthritis due to a herniated disc caused major back pain. I was fed up with the pain killers my doctor prescribed as well as taking all the well known OTC pills as I was not getting any relief. I saw your ad in the newspaper with your guarantee and decided to try it. After 2 weeks I had no more back pain.


John Fudge, 59, Pincourt, QC 

Sharp grinding bone on bone arthritis in both knees!

I suffered with increasing pain over a period of 10 years. During the night I had “shooting” pain that woke me up in the middle of the night. My daily activities were very limited. I prayed to God for help. God led me to your Bell Shark Cartilage #1. I had immediately 80% relief within 2 weeks in May. By October it was 95% and by November 100%. I could continue with my career as R.N. and I could even start 30 minutes daily walks. May God richly bless you.


B.J. Devonish, 58, Bronx, NY 

Sharp knee and hip arthritis pain completely gone!

For 9 years I suffered and didn’t know what to do to ever feel no pain again. I’ve tried all the available pain pills. They didn’t work for me. In the health food store they offered me Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and it helped me. I will always take a maintenance dose.


Joanne Herilla, 60, Birdsboro, PA 

Bad hip arthritis for 15 years!

I was on 7 kinds of pain medications and none of them really helped. I had side effects like difficulty urinating, headaches, stomach problems and others. I finally found Bell Shark Cartilage #1. I am delighted and overjoyed. It is like magic. God bless you.


Alex Davis, 52, Bronx, NY

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