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Shark Liver Oil 500mg 90 caps.(Bell)

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Shark Liver Oil 90 caps of 500mg


In the book SHARK LIVER OIL, written by four medical doctors, Dr. Hubert says that since his own high-school age children took shark liver oil as a prevention they have no more colds, whereas their school mates all have colds and flus, many a number of times each year as all parents know so well. A 65 year old man reports he had no more colds or flus for 9 years since he started to take shark liver oil. Dr. Haimes’s grand children have been taking shark liver oil for 6 months and he writes they have no infection of any kind since. The best part is, Bell Shark Liver Oil in gel caps is very inexpensive and very economical to use. 

How does it work?

Bell shark liver oil has the highest immune-system booster, which is the key to prevent infection and illness. It has a high content of 25%-27% AKG (Alkylglycerol) with high qualine and omega-3 fatty acids, which is important to make it work well. It helps with inflammation type illnesses like:

• Allergies 

• Asthma 

• Arthritis pain ( in combination with Bell shark cartilage )

• Inflammation in the arteries (many doctors now say this is the main cause of heart attacks) 

• Colds 

• Flus 

and others 

The book says it helps: 

• Diabetics 

• Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers 

• High blood pressure

• Rashes 

• Sores 

• Psoriasis 

• Dermatitis 

• Fungi 

and others. 

Helps with stress and fatigue and increases general well being for all ages by staving off viruses and infection. That’s why the book authors call it “Nature’s Amazing Healer”. 

INGREDIENTS: Pure Norwegian shark liver oil with a high content of 25%-27% AKG (Alkyglycerol) with high squalene and omega-3 fatty acids.

True testimonials

No money is paid for testimonials. However, we offer a free Bell product if we may use the testimonial in our promotions so we can help other people to improve their quality of life.

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No more colds!

In the last 5 years I used to get sick every winter with colds and infections. Since taking Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 I have not been sick at all this winter. It is fantastic.


Sarah Malcolm, 55, Meadville, PA 

No more bronchitis and pneumonia!

For 16 years every winter I could count on being laid low in bed by severe bronchitis or pneumonia with lost wages. 2 years ago I discovered Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 and avoided all respiratory illnesses ever since. By now I believe that I will never spend another wasted day or week in bed being sick. The most I had since was a sniffle and by increasing dosage I got rid of it. It kept my children cold and flu free. I told all my coworkers.


Arynne Hempstock, 43, Nanaimo, BC 

Cold storage work caused colds and coughs!

I suffered for 6 years with colds and flus caused by working in cold storage of frozen chicken, fish etc. After starting to take Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 in 2009 I had no more colds or flus. I was coughing the whole night. So I could hardly sleep. And neither could my wife and she slept in the living room. Since I started Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 my life changed amazingly. It stopped my colds and coughing. Now everyone sleeps quietly.


William Marrero, 58, Miami, FL 

Degenerative disc disease for 11 years!

For about 11 years I have been suffering with degenerative disc disease. Pain is an everyday event. What has greatly helped was Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and Bell Shark Liver Oil #51. I can move when I get out of bed in the morning. You have great products. Works much better than the pharmaceutical meds.


Rev. Gerry R. Brown, 57, Conneaut Lake, PA 

Abdominal gas pain so bad I could hardly walk!

For the last 3 years I had terrible pains, spasms, cramps from trapped abdominal gas. Doctor wanted to do a catscan and colonoscopy. I refused. I was taking Bell Shark Cartilage #1 and was wondering whether Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 would help with the gas problem. Within about 5 weeks all the abdominal gas problem was all gone.


Evelyn Richards, 79, Daly City, CA 

Regular flus and colds stayed away all season!

My younger son gets colds every winter. I gave him Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 and he didn’t get a flu or cold this season. I took it too and didn’t get the flu everybody else had. My older son didn’t take it and was very sick. I’m telling all my friends.


Iryna Zayarny, 45, Calgary, AB 

Tree climber and tree trimmer benefited from Bell products!

What kept me going in my type of work is the Bell products. I’ve been taking for years Bell Shark Cartilage, Bell Shark Liver Oil and Stem Cell Activator. It kept arthritis and other ageing disorders at bay.


William P. Tinkham, 59, Bixby, OK 

Bronchitis and cough cleared up with shark liver oil!

For at least 2 years I had bronchitis and a cough. I tried one thing after another and nothing helped, not even antibiotics. But when I took Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 after just 3 days, 4 capsules 3 times a day, the bronchitis and cough was going away. I felt so much better.


DanielaTorres, 23, Las Vegas, NV 

14 years of asthma much better after taking shark liver oil!

I suffered a lot because I had asthma so badly that I had trouble breathing. I am truly amazed how much better I feel now. After taking Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 for a month I rarely need my puffers. I’m delighted that my sinuses are not blocked anymore. I have been telling many people about it.


Sarah Brown, 56, Conneaut Lake, PA 

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and taking shark liver oil helped!

In the last 2-1/2 years I had 3 surgeries to remove tumors on the outer edge of my bladder. After my 3rd surgery I started to take Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 and I have been free of cancer since. A better diet, no smoking and exercise have surely helped this to happen, but I feel certain that the shark liver oil capsules have also helped keep me “clean” of cancer as well. I’ll never stop taking them.


Nicholas James Maiorana, 57, Boynton Beach, FL 

I’m now free of asthma, colds and flus!

From age 12, for 45 years, I have been suffering with asthma. I took steroid medications and the asthma pump when I was wheezing and had near death experiences. My doctor could not help me anymore and sent me to the hospital. They sent me home after treatment that did not prevent another near death experience the next day. I thank God for your ad about Bell Shark Liver Oil #51. Since taking it plus Bell’s Supreme Immune Booster I have no more asthma. I do not need the pump anymore. It’s an exhilarating feeling. I’m so grateful. (Editor’s note: Most people have quick improvements. To be completely free of asthma may take 6 months say the four doctors that wrote the book.)


Evelyn Endeavour, 57, Saint Albans, NY 

Shark liver oil is a winter miracle!

After having bronchitis, flus and pneumonia symptoms that would start in fall I was sick well into the new year. I took all kinds of medicines. I read in the Free Press about Bell natural products and thought I should try them. I have not been sick since I started Bell Shark Liver Oil #51, although I’m working with the public and am exposed to a lot sickness carrying people. It helped me to build up my immune system, have more energy, prevent all colds and flus I had previously on a regular sequence.


Noelle Schmelter, 30, Warran, MI 

Quick acting medicine for flu symptoms!

First time I tried Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 was 3 months ago at the onset of flu symptoms. I took 8 capsules for a few days and in 2 days the flu symptoms were gone. I have since purchased 5 more bottles to give to my family members. My son had similar experiences. I swear by the product and always keep some on hand.


Patricia Leverick, 49, West St. Paul, MB

Can breath again, sinuses not blocked, asthma improved!

I have had respiratory problems for about 14 years. After just one month on Bell Shark Liver Oil #51 I can breath so much better, my asthma is improving and I need very seldom puffers. I read that after 6 months use I may overcome asthma completely. I’m truly impressed and amazed about how much better I feel.


Sarah Brown, 56, Conneaut Lake, PA

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