Venescin® żel (gel), 40 g, Herbapol Wrocław, Poland
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Venescin® gel contains thick extract from horse-chestnut seeds (Hippocastani seminis extractum spissum) of 17 % content of escin and troxerutin. It is assumed that the product containing a combination of escin (the main component of horse-chestnut seeds) and troxerutin, influences venous vessels, reducing their permeability and improving venous tone, among others. The gel also has anti-edematous effects.

Venescin® gel is applied during initial stages of venous insufficiency (in case of pain, sensation of heaviness and swelling of legs, cramps of calf muscles) as well as in case of symptoms appearing after injuries (edemas, hematomas).

The drug of Venescin® gel should be applied externally. Apply a small amount of gel 2 times a day (it is recommended to do it in the morning and in the evening) and then gently rub in.

In case of application of higher than recommended dose of Venescin® gel
The product intended for external application; dosage is not determined.

In case of skipping the dose of Venescin® gel
The product applied externally.




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Venescin® żel (gel), 40 g, Herbapol Wrocław, Poland

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