Venoruton forte 500mg, 60 tablets, by Novartis
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Venoruton is indicated for oedema and symptoms (painful, tired, heavy, swollen legs with cramps and paraesthesia) associated with chronic venous insufficiency; postphlebitic syndrome, trophic disorders, varicose dermatitis and varicose ulcers. Venoruton can also be used as adjuvant treatment in the sclerotherapy and stripping of varices. Also, it is indicated for symptoms of hemorrhoids (pain, exudation, pruritis and bleeding) and their complications. 

Venoruton acts on the capillary wall, increasing its resistance and normalizing its permeability. These effects have been demonstrated in a variety of experimental models and in many patients with chronic venous insufficiency, secondary effects of radio-therapy, and microthrombotic or ischaemic retinal vascular disorders. 

Venoruton has also been shown to have an inhibitory effect on erythrocyte aggregation and a protective action on the vascular endothelium. Venoruton is thus indicated for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, through its effects in reducing oedema and symptoms such as pain, cramps, trophic disorders, varicose dermatitis and varicose ulcers.

Venoruton alleviates the symptoms habitually associated with hemorrhoids, such as pain, exudation, pruritis and bleeding. 

Venoruton attenuates the secondary effects of radiotherapy such as cystitis, enteroproctitis, dysphagia, cutaneous erythema, etc., which frequently cause radiotherapy to be discontinued.

By its beneficial effects on capillary resistance and permeability, Venoruton also checks the development of diabetic retinopathy. In addition, its effects on blood rheology alleviate microthrombosis and other forms of retinal vascular ischaemia.

Direction for use:

Chronic venous insufficiency: 1 tablet twice a day with meals. After the disappearance of symptoms, usually in 2 to 4 weeks, it is advisable to continue treatment for some weeks to consolidate the results obtained. 

side effects of radiotherapy: 1 tablet twice a day with meals, for the entire duration of irradiation and until the disappearance of symptoms.

Retinal vascular disorders: The best results are obtained with doses amounting to 1 to 2 g per day. i.e. 1 or 2 Venoruton fort tablets twice a day with meals.

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Venoruton forte 500mg, 60 tablets, by Novartis

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